Share of eye objective

When Australians are watching Television and Video on any screen - What type of Video content are they watching? How are they watching? Where are they watching? On what device and for how long?


of Australians watch some form Linear TV in their viewing day
(reach 14+)

  • Linear TV
  • Online video - free
  • Online video - pay


of video time for young millennials (P14-24) is spent with linear TV

Linear TV vs Online video share of daily viewing minutes

Online Video Reach

Nearly a third of Australians watch online video on a typical day

Online video use is skewed to young adults and social video with 65% of 14-24's using in a typical day

% watching online video on a typical day

% watching social video on a typical day

total 14+

Free ONLINE vs paid online video

% of time spent viewing online video

Online video - Free vs Paid by daypart

Free or Ad-funded video dominates consumption in minutes of all online video with paid or transactional video achieving it's greatest share after 6pm on a typical day

Online Video - Home vs. Out of Home

Out of home online video viewing peaks in the morning at work and afternoon during the commuter zone - Online viewing at home
peaks in the late evening

Online video viewing home vs out of home